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23 / November / 2015

The ponsetia is the december's star

The poinsettia, poinsettia flower or Poinsettia is increasingly popular at Christmas time with colo intense red leaves. A part of this version we can find yellow, red, white ... in the world of flowe artificial find a variety of combinations to suit the other elements creating environments very Special and custom.

Name: Poinsettia, Poinsettia
Tecnichal name: Euphorbia pulcherrima
Family: Euphorbiaceae (Euphorbiaceae)

Christmas decorations in most homes is carried out by this plant in its different versions, being a trend that is used year after year and yet timeless. It is one of those trends that have become tradition. Where really innovates is in its applications and combinations that I talked about in this article and that can interpret and adapt to your spaces.

You have some ideas for decorating at Christmas with poinsettias:

  • Poinsettias as ornaments to decorate the fir.
  • Ornament with recycled bottles for Christmas dinner tables.
  • ¬≠Centerpiece with poinsettias and decorative candles.
  • Another differently and offers a very attractive result is to use combinations of different colors in jars or bottles of different heights. If all place it on a tray or wooden box and add a sophisticated natural touch.

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