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1 / October / 2015

Decoration with plants

The magic that give artificial plants is the versatility to lightly decorate any space, giving it a fresh and relaxed look. Plants ... Let us advise on what is the best for your home and where to place it.

We leave a list of current trends in plants:

  • Poto, a plant of very classic interior, who could resist?
  • Brazil trunk, perfect for those impersonal spaces, giving a tropical feel to the environment.
  • Ferns, the best choice to wear a side table, shelf or even a small corner of that room that you like.
  • Succulent, more appropriate to give a more natural point to your desktop.
  • Language of the tiger, a great plant for large windows or spaces with lots of glass.
  • Rib of Adam, perfect for any corner of the room.

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