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24 / March / 2015

Flowers and plants artificial

This type of flowers and plants are the best alternative to decorate the house without the need to use live plants, because in many cases the house does not have very bright areas or maintaining the same we require a great deal

One of the most typical species in this market is the Orchid, which can be found in different colors and sizes. Today, the level of detail is so high that we can find flowers with even some petals closed, simulating natural.

In addition to the Orchid, roses or other anemones are very common and very advanced plants in terms of detail to decorate the interior of the home.

In the case of tulips, petals perfectly mimic a natural tulip, one of the main proposals for perpetual bouquets.

We can also find the possibility of decorating with aquatic plants, such as lily flower to put on the table without any water or in a bowl of water.

Del Rio Artificial Flowers and Plants has all kinds of high quality copies made with fabrics, colors and different colors that perfectly mimic the original plan. In addition, our commercial department will recommend and help seamlessly complement the decor of your space.

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